Zibrio Balance Specialist Course

Balance is the key to all movement.  Become a specialist in balance and learn how to help your clients be healthier and perform better. 



This course is approved for earning 3 FAI CEUs, 3 AFAA CEUs, or 0.3 NASM CEUs. Zibrio is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America as an Approved Continuing Education Provider.

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By becoming a Zibrio Balance Ambassador, you can receive referrals for new clients interested in balance training. Connect with other personal trainers who are balance specialists in our Facebook group.

Positive Client Outcomes

Create new outcomes for your clients. Methods based on scientific research with the fittest and most frail. Everyone should have access to good balance.

Learn from an Expert

This course is taught by Dr. Katharine Forth, who has a doctorate in motor control and conducted a postdoctoral fellowship at NASA. She is an expert in postural stability and has created award-winning balance training programs for older adults. She is also a world champion athlete.

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Take this course on advanced balance topics to add to your exceptional knowledge.

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Zibrio partners with fitness professionals who share our passion about balance through our Balance Ambassadors Program.

Our Products

In addition to this course, Zibrio has created the Zibrio SmartScale for consumers and Zibrio Pro for professionals. These scales measure balance through a simple, 60-second test. They are currently available for pre-order at and will be released in 2020.


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